Free Maternal Health – Safe Motherhood Program


It is noteworthy that according to WHO estimate there are 40,000 pregnancy-related deaths annually in Nigeria. This accounts for 14% of the global total, placing Nigeria among the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world for a woman to give birth.” This is an estimated 110 women dying per day. It is in the light of this that Kinectic Inclusive Health Initiative started its safe motherhood private sector driven health programs with the following deliverables:

Free Ante Natal Care:

  • Consultation Services
  • Examination Services
  • Free Lab Test Services
  • Free drugs and other medications

Free Delivery Services

  • Natural Birth and,
  • Caesarean Section at our Primary Health Care facility in Jiwa, Abuja in Federal Capital Territory.

All at our Primary Health Care facility, Jiwa, Abuja where the project is on-going.  Buying a premium t-shirt and/or any other safe motherhood premium products at our health store gives you an opportunity of contributing and becoming an ambassador to the project.